Commercial Finance

Working capital is vital to any business. If you are offering trade credit buyers take time in paying their debts, and if you have buyers abroad, you may have to wait even longer. Outstanding invoices have a serious impact on cash flow and affect the profitability and future development of your business. With a financing solution from ABN AMRO Commercial Finance you can bridge the gap between raising invoices and receiving payments as we can advance you up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices with the balance being paid when the customer pays or at an agreed later date.

In addition you can take advantage of full risk coverage of up to 100%. and support for you in credit management and collection domestically and abroad. This is known as our Non Recourse option.

Your needs are the starting point of our cooperation. We discuss with you your ongoing business processes and plans and assess the quality of your debtor portfolio. We will work out a commercial finance solution that fits your business requirements.

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