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Structured International Working Capital

At ABN AMRO Commercial Finance we want to help you fund your business ambitions. Working with you, we can provide financial facilities to unlock the hidden value of your assets and allow you to grow with confidence.The extensive international network of ABN AMRO Bank enables specialized solutions in Commercial Finance, Corporate Banking, Energy, Commodities and Transportation. If your annual turnover is (approximately) €250 million or more, please contact us to find out what funding options we can offer.

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As­set Based Lend­ing & oth­er fa­cil­i­ties

Asset Based Lending (ABL) allows you to raise funding for your business through a combination of Receivables Finance and funds raised against your existing assets. If you are planning on growing, buying, refinancing or expanding, you can raise significantly higher funding levels than traditional bank lending solutions.

ABL and other facilities

Cross Bor­der ABL so­lu­tions

Our Cross-Border Finance enables us to fund growth across the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany in one tailored solution. We can establish one Group facility under a single legal agreement, funded through a lead agent structure that lends directly to your organisation.

Cross Border Asset Based Lending Solutions

Re­ceiv­ables Pur­chas­ing

Our Receivables Purchasing solutions allows you to raise significant funding against your outstanding invoices, allowing you to free up your cash flow and improve your balance sheet ratios. At ABN AMRO we offer a variety of different solutions, offering you a facility that matches your requirements.

Receivables Purchasing