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At ABN AMRO Commercial Finance you’ll find a creative team who will quickly build an understanding of your operation and recommend solutions that can open the door to more business funding.

We support you throughout your business life cycle

We have a broad portfolio of solutions that are designed to support you throughout your business life cycle. Our Invoice and Asset Based lending solutions have consistently grown in popularity as businesses recognise the flexibility our type of funding can provide.

Bank overdrafts, once the funding of choice for UK business are no longer seen as the only solution, or indeed, the right solution.

Liberate up to £50m from plant & machinery, stock and property

Using our core services of Factoring or Invoice Discounting  we can to provide up to 90% immediate funding against the invoices you raise, we can offer the Government’s Enterprise Finance Guarantee (up to £1.2 million). For many businesses Asset Based Lending will liberate anything up to £50m from plant & machinery, stock and property.

The result will be flexible business funding that will automatically grow as you grow. If thats not enough, we can even provide with up to £20,000 in the form of a flexible top-up through our unique Privilege Account and protect your business with Bad Debt Protection for complete peace of mind.

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