Helping Business Transition to a Better World


Financing to make the change

The great truism of the Covid-19 era is that the pandemic has accelerated changes already underway in society. From remote working and online retail, to new thinking around transport needs and the importance of renewable energy, every business and every consumer is racing to adapt.

Energy, Mobility & Digital transition

At ABN AMRO, we have identified three transition areas as strategic priorities – a focus that will give meaning to our commitment ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’. We are embracing them – and we can help our clients and business partners on their journeys too, ensuring they are fighting fit to compete in a new world.

Our asset-based finance solution can open up space for your business to make the transition to a sustainable long-term future. 

Working Capital solutions to finance the transition

Our suite of asset-based funding solutions alongside our Receivables Finance offering can help make the change. Working with you, we can provide solutions to unlock the hidden value of your assets to finance your transition.

We can all see the transition underway in energy. Renewable power generation is already replacing fossil fuels in key markets like the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. ABN AMRO is helping finance many large-scale renewables projects and infrastructure. But we’re also supporting mid-market businesses with on-site generation, energy efficiency and other investments that will deliver long-term value – and help save our ecosystem.

In mobility and logistics, the rapid uptick in door-to-door deliveries and new approaches to warehousing and shipping also demand large scale investments. ABN AMRO is supporting clients transition to new electric vehicle fleets – as well as creating space for new enterprises serving ‘mobility as a service’ as consumer and business needs evolve.

And the digital transition has stepped up a gear, too. Again, ABN AMRO is active in supporting investment in large scale digital infrastructure – but also helping mid-market businesses free up the capital to invest in digital capabilities that will help them enhance efficiencies. Whatever the technological breakthrough, we can help companies adapt.


En­er­gy tran­si­tion

The energy transition revolves around moving away from fossil fuels to decarbonise our energy system and move towards cleaner energy sources. Companies will have a big need for structured finance to help the whole energy network continue its transition to renewables. We’d love to be your financial partner on your way to a better future.

Transition together

Mo­bil­i­ty Tran­si­tion

The mobility and logistic transition is apparent across all sectors. Every sector includes people and goods moving around the world. We see both a growth of population and wealth, leading to even more goods and people being transported around the world. With our sector and asset expertise we can open up space for you and enable upcoming investments you need to do within this shift. 

Transition together

Dig­i­tal Tran­si­tion

The digital transition is driven by a structural change towards a digital world that is reinventing everything - all areas of a business and all sectors around us. Your company might also have an increased interest in digital services and data driven solution. We open up space to keep you staying relevant and successful.

Transition together