The road to sustainability

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The road to sustainability

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance can help you make the transition to sustainability. Our financing solutions, based on Invoice factoring, invoice discounting and asset based lending, give you extra liquidity right  away. This way, you have immediate working capital available to realise your sustainable dreams. So you are ready for a sustainable future. A sustainable present.

Circular economy

A circular business model contributes to a sustainable society; it reduces the risk of scarcity by innovative use and reuse of energy, products, parts and raw materials. This brings opportunities. Think of new markets, new collaborations and sustainable competitive advantages. Our flexible funding solutions can help, let us make space for you to succeed.

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There are all sorts of possibilities when it comes to sustainability. The deployment of CO2-reducing assets is a fast and effective way to make your business greener. For example, solar panels on for your office roof or the installation of LED lighting on the work floor. Because we help you obtain additional working capital, you can immediately start making your business more sustainable. A lease can be an interesting option in this respect.

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