Spotlight with Jeremy Harrison and Declan Curry

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time and ABN AMRO Commercial Finance is committed to making a difference. Not only with our asset-based finance solutions, but also by leading by example. With sustainability at the forefront of our minds Jeremy Harrison, Head of Sales at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance caught up with Declan Curry, known for his role as a business presenter for BBC News, to talk about the importance of ESG and the support we provide to our clients in their approach to social responsibility. 

Find out more by listening to their discussion, you’ll hear more about:

  • the need for businesses to better understand, plan and act with good ESG
  • how we can support your business transition in line with the global shift toward sustainability
  • how we place clients at the heart of achieving our climate ambitions

Spotlight with Jeremy Harrison of ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance

Jeremy discusses the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance

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The Spotlight Series with Jeremy Harrison and Declan Curry

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