Privilege Account

Access to an extra £20,000

Privilege Account is a service for ABN AMRO Commercial Finance clients, providing a pre-approved cash facility that can be drawn down whenever it’s needed. It’s a pre-authorised, flexible fund ready for use in your business.

As an ABN AMRO Commercial Finance client, a Privilege Account can give you access to anything from £5,000 to £20,000 on top of the finance you are already accessing through our other services. It takes around 48 hours to set-up and is available to drawdown at any time to help you to make the most of any business opportunity.

The Privilege Account is a unique service that complements our creative finance solutions and provides our clients with the ability to take their businesses that little bit further

The benefits of the Privilege Acount

  • Available to existing Factoring and Invoice Discounting clients
  • Provides anything from £5,000 to £20,000 funding on top of your existing Invoice Finance facility
  • Flexible finance, pre-approved and ready when you are
  • Not dependent on other assets in the business, so is particularly useful for service companies
  • Can allow funding in excess of 100% of your invoice value, when used in conjunction with our other services
  • Can be used in conjunction with many other ABN AMRO Commercial Finance services

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