Cross Border Finance

Our Cross Border Finance enables us to fund growth across the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium in one tailored solution.

Fund Growth Across Borders

We can establish one Group facility under a single legal agreement, funded through a lead agent structure that lends directly to your organisation, covering receivables across Europe.

There's also cross-collateralisation and central management of company assets in order to maximise leverage funding against Group strength.

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Funding Growth Across Borders

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance

The benefits of cross border finance

  • Single Group facility
  • Up to 100% (UK, EU and Scandinavia)
  • Up to 40% (OECD Countries)
  • Up to 10% (non-OECD Countries)
  • Minimise the risk against defaulting customers – with the option of Bad Debt Protection

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