5 perspectives on diversity that matter to us


News - 22 May 2023

Fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion is a vital part of having a positive impact in business, especially when economic and social pressures call for resilience and resourcefulness. As the World Economic Forum puts it in Diversity in the Workplace, ‘Diversity isn’t just a moral imperative, it also leads to greater innovation and profitability’. Below are 5 perspectives on diversity that are shaping how our bank moves forward with this important societal challenge.

1. Diversity means being part of a bigger picture

May 2023 is European Diversity Month and Helena Dalli, European Commissioner for Equality, has invited ‘every organisation to join me during May 2023 to celebrate (...) and to take a firm stance for diverse, inclusive and equal workplaces’. At ABN AMRO, we are excited to be part of a broader movement that, we believe, is destined to succeed. Learn more about European Diversity Month 2023

2. Diversity helps us to diversify

From identity or orientation to culture, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, or occupational disability, our organisation reflects every facet of diversity in society. It is helping us to create equal opportunities, to attract and retain talented people, to develop innovative products and services, and to nurture wholesome relationships with colleagues, customers and others across society.

3. Diversity calls for proactive change

Embracing diversity means achieving change. Here are some milestones we’re excited to have passed already:

  • We’ve signed the Declaration of Amsterdam drawn up by the international LGBTI+ platform Workplace Pride, declared our support for the United Nations’ Standards of Conduct, and signed the Sustainable Development Goals’ LGBTI Manifesto. Read more on Identity & gender orientation at ABN AMRO
  • We’re members of the Financial Alliance for Women, we’ve signed the UN’s Women's Empowerment Principles, and we support the International Women’s Community initiative launched by our UK colleague, Daniela Villegas.
  • A number of our staff have teamed up with the Refugee Talent Hub and Amsterdam City Council to establish the Reboot programme and have helped 80 refugees find meaningful work.
  • With our B-Able programme, we identify suitable jobs and help to create new jobs for people with an occupational disability. Some of our branches employ Warm Welcome staff to greet visitors and our Sign Language Coffee Bars are operated by colleagues who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Read more about these initiatives: Talent has no limitations

4. Diversity means setting targets

Our Executive Board aspires to create an organisation in which staff and customers from diverse backgrounds feel welcome and safe. Here are some of the targets we’re pursuing:

  • By 2025 we want to see 35% of director and sub-director posts at our bank held by women, and we’re aiming for 45% in the layer below the Executive Board;
  • Until 2025, we will hire 20 people with a refugee background per year, employing them to do meaningful work that places demands on their skills and abilities;
  • We aim to raise the number of occupationally disabled people working for ABN AMRO from the current 125 to at least 225 by 2025;
  • We are continuously Monitoring and Refining our activities, with a quarterly Diversity Table, in which we chart the progress we’re making toward these goals.

Want to discover how well your organisation manages diversity? Try the EU Diversity Self-Assessment Tool

5. Diversity calls for partnerships

We’re keen to share our knowledge and experiences with others who are working to promote diversity and inclusivity. In order to do so, we’ve joined a range of different organisations and networks, such as Fempower Your Growth, Agora, Ctalents, Workplace Pride, DDB diversiteit in bedrijf, Onbeperkt aan de Slag, New Bees, Talent to the Top, Female of the Year, and Emma at Work. Learn more about our partners

Do these perspectives inspire you? Find out more about what we’re doing to make ABN AMRO ‘a company where you can be yourself’ or check out our Diversity & Inclusion Policy

ABN AMRO’s purpose is ‘Banking for better, for generations to come’. To live that purpose, we must foster an environment for both our people and our clients, in which the diversity of society is reflected. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do, as diversity and inclusion can provide benefits to our organization and to society as a whole.’
- Robert Swaak, CEO ABN AMRO