5 Benefits of Asset Finance for your business


News - 26 April 2023

Today’s unpredictable markets and economic pressures are creating challenges for all businesses, particularly when it comes to growth. Asset Finance can open up financial space and provide the flexibility you need to move forward and grow your business with confidence. Below are five benefits:

1. Long-term partnership

At ABN AMRO Lease our products are designed with long-term partnership in mind. Our Relationship Directors take the time to understand your business and your future plans, before offering a range of solutions that can meet your needs. We believe that financing the core assets at the heart of your business is the best way to support your growth - our asset expertise and experience across a range of industries allows us to do just that.

2. Spread the cost

Our Asset Finance solutions allow you to spread the cost of business critical assets over a longer period of time rather than having to pay the full cost up front. This opens up space for your company to access the very best equipment, vehicles, or technological innovations, or to improve your sustainability footprint – and gain an edge on competitors.

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3. Protect your cash flow

Today’s markets are characterised by rising prices and pressure on global supply chains, often combined with long cash flow cycles. Many businesses are currently working to manage cash more effectively as a result. Asset Finance offers you a way of financing business critical assets without placing undue pressure on your cash flow: you don’t have to draw heavily on your own financial resources to get the assets you need in place, and to keep your business moving.

4. Preserve your working capital

Most businesses have access to some type of traditional working capital facility be it an overdraft, Revolving Credit or Invoice Discounting facility. These are typically designed to provide the business with liquidity to cover operational costs and to maintain the business. Adding Asset Finance solutions allows you to create extra space for your investment needs. This extra capital enables your business to thrive, not just survive – and maintain valuable working headroom.

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5. Flexibility with clarity

Asset Finance products are both adaptable and predictable, offering your business the perfect combination of flexibility and clarity. With fixed payments and variable payment structures, you can adjust your financing to your needs. Our products enjoy high security enabling you to stay in step with market fluctuations and take advantage of opportunities.

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‘Access to the funding solution has been key in us being able to invest in equipment. It has certainly enabled our business to develop and grow faster. We love to act quickly to take opportunities – and the swift process, being able to turn around a quote quickly, fit our style perfectly.’

– Jon Stump, CEO of Mick George (read our Mick George Case Study)

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