2023 ABL Roundtable: Coming of age in a dislocated market


News - 26 April 2023

Rising inflation, climbing interest rates and wider macro-economic uncertainty have taken a heavy toll on debt issuance for private equity deals. Against this challenging backdrop, how are ABL providers responding? 

Katharine Weeden, Director ABL Origination & Sustainability team member at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance UK, was one of a panel of Lenders and Advisers that took part in an ABL Roundtable to discuss how they are navigating current headwinds, how ABL comes into its own in periods of volatility and how terms and credit selection may have changed in response to the global and macro-economic environment in the past 12 months.

Read the discussion You’ll learn:

  • How the availability of liquidity to finance deals compares today, to a year ago? What this means for ABL providers?
  • Has dislocation in credit markets helped in any way to raise ABL’s profile, as sponsors are obliged to explore other options beyond the usual preferences?
  • How ABL lenders are working with term debt providers to achieve higher debt quantums with a lower overall blended cost of capital.
  • Are there any meaningful shifts in terms/pricing? Is there any evidence of terms and pricing pivoting back in favour of lenders as interest rates rise and markets tighten?

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