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Partners for Growth Breakfast Seminar


News - 18 June 2018

We hosted a fantastic breakfast seminar on Thursday 14 June 2018, bringing together more than 40 of our most valued partners and introducers at our London office to connect with our senior leadership in an exchange of ABN AMRO strategy, insight and feedback.

In a transparent session, the panel presented an inside-out view of our approach and reinforced our open partnership for mutual growth. The programme included a look at our business goals and objectives and our client centric approach, but also aimed at initiating a two-way dialogue to gather insight, feedback and potential future collaboration.

The panel consisted of Richard de Keijzer, Managing Director, Deborah Bell, Commercial Director, Paul Lablans, Risk Director, Andrew Johnston, Head of Sales, John Hunter, Sales Director and Simon Lefevre, Commercial Director Lease. Special guest Paul Wain, Senior Manager at British Business Bank, also provided an overview of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG).

The event was well received by our guests with some positive feedback:

Phillip Bets, Primary Asset Finance:
“I’ve worked with ABN AMRO for a number of years and I’ve always found them a very good lender to work with. I’ve always had honest straight forward answers - if they’re not prepared to help, then it’s always been a quick no rather than a drawn out no which we might get from other people. I’ve always enjoyed my experience of working with ABN AMRO and am keen to develop that and work with them more.”

John Buchanan, HW Fisher:

“It’s important to me to know what Risk does, so it was good to hear about the different lenses they look through.”

Chris Hardy, RSM:
“In terms of messaging, it was very clear what the event was about. From my perspective the client journey, I think fits in with your culture, it’s very very important and I think the theme that came from the seminar itself was that ABN were obviously geared up to looking at those systems and processes to improve the client journey.”

Take a look at short clip with covering some of the highlights:

Thank you to all that participated in an engaging event and we look forward to collaborating with you in the future.