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News - 23 April 2018

It’s difficult for businesses to deliver the level of customer experience they wish to without the right technology. That’s why ABN AMRO has invested significantly in digitisation, says ABN AMRO Commercial Director, Debbie Bell.

As an industry, the invoice finance world has been slow to move into the 21st century – which has created room for fintech disruptors and challenger banks. Our response? A new client portal, with significant enhancements, including real-time data and straight-through processing of credit limit requests. Our clients tell us they’re delighted with even the simplest of improvements such as being able to import invoices and credit notes on the same csv file, having sight of combined availability across their groups, and increased insight and analytics. Our credit limits straight-through processing tool for clients with Bad Debt Protection has also proven to be a real winner. 90% of decisions are returned within 5 minutes. Being able to rely on this kind of speed has (we are told) given our clients a real competitive edge.

And our portal is continuously evolving in an agile way, so every month we update the tool based on customer suggestions. One of the most recent improvements was around the update frequency of the “Pending clearance at Bank” – which has now been increased to several times a day. This provides our clients with a real time view on payments received into their trust accounts and saves them having to call us for this information.

We’ve also made an investment in our digital risk identification tool Risk Factor. It supports our asset managers and day-to-day risk managers using automated triggers to advise potential risk situations. 

This means we’re taking a more targeted approach to managing risk. Rather than treating all clients the same or using aggregate risk profiles, we’re using this tool to help target resources to where it’s needed. It also helps our employees focus their time on their client relationships. 

We’ve still got a way to go but we are completely committed to continuous improvement and not only that but want to give our clients the opportunity to be actively involved, every step of the way. That’s why we’ve also committed to increasing our communication with quarterly e-newsletters and where possible turn the dialogue two way, with opportunities to become involved at key events, feedback forums and online polling.