Roundtable: Flexible finance for an uncertain world


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Businesses are operating in a state of heightened uncertainty right now. We still don’t know which dislocations caused by Covid-19 (for example work habits, hospitality, travel) will be permanent and we can’t be sure what economic recovery will look like or how Covid-19 vaccines will play out. Coupled with this are the additional uncertainties of Brexit, trade wars, US political retrenchment and increasingly global conflicts.

Flexibility is key. Not only do businesses need financial buffers against high fixed costs, interruptions to revenue and rapid change in their markets, business leaders should also consider access to finance that frees them up to seize opportunities as soon as they arise. We know any situation can turn rapidly. Those with flexible funding to create working capital will be best placed to recover.

Find out more by watching our ABN AMRO Commercial Finance roundtable discussion in the video above. You’ll learn:

  • How businesses have been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and what the challenges have been for financial structures?
  • What should companies be prioritising to secure financial agility – and ensure survival?
  • What constitutes ‘firm foundations’ for 2021 planning and beyond?


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  • Jeremy Harrison - Head of Sales, ABN AMRO Commercial Finance UK
  • Ross McDonald - Head of Debt Advisory and Partner, BDO LLP
  • Gareth Stanger - Group Operations Director at Recruitment Investments Ltd