The Challenge

In 2012 a management buy-out had left the company short of key management skills and underfunded. In July 2016 a new management team stepped in to purchase the company and promptly turned to ABN AMRO Commercial Finance for additional working capital finance to ensure the takeover would be successful.

The Solution

Alan Gardner, Financial Director says “We were able to fund the deal but we lacked any contingency capital. After consulting with ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, they offered us the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG). I’d had a good experience working with them previously – so they were my first port of call."

Pressmark Pressing  borrowed £500,000 over three years.

The Results 

Alan & his team purchased the business just as it went into summer shutdown, when car companies wind down and sales are in decline. Receiving the EFG at this time provided the required contingency funding over this period and ensured the purchase could be completed.

Since the take over, Pressmark Pressings has gone from strength to strength. The company has a lot of potential and are producing very high quality components, employing a local and highly productive workforce.