What does Multi-Local Commercial Finance bring you?

Ship yard

Financial efficiency

  • Flexible financing based on your sales ledger without fixed limits or fixed repayment obligations;
  • Direct availability of additional liquidity based on outstanding receivables;
  • Improved working capital;
  • Lower Days Sales Outstanding;
  • More resources available to negotiate prompt payment discounts with suppliers;
  • Improved balance sheet (liquidity, solvency).

Comfort and cost-savings  
  • Credit management outsourcing avoids costly in-house operations and converts fixed costs into variable costs;
  • Standardised credit management amongst all subsidiaries by highly skilled professionals;
  • Insight in your real-time situation through our secured on-line tool (Speedata);
  • Centralised relationship via your global relationship manager;  
  • More resources and time available for you to focus on core business.

  • Secured cash flow;
  • Option of flexible buyer risk coverage up to 100% according to your business requirements;
  • Support for your sales management based on information of more than 45 million buyers worldwide;
  • A committed partner to support your growth.

We have an international factoring network with more than 400 members across 90 countries. 

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