How does Multi-Local Commercial Finance work?

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The Multi-Local Commercial Finance approach removes your geographic, cultural and trade barriers. Furthermore it frees up your time and your valuable resources needed for strategic developments. This allows you to focus on your core business.

ABN AMRO Commercial Finance has a dedicated organisation for sales- and client management for multi-local business. Our entity in the country where your company is headquartered takes on the role as sponsor of the programme and coordinates the entire Multi-Local Commercial Finance service among all participating subsidiaries.

The product:
  • offers an agreement that applies to your entire group, including necessary local amendments for your subsidiaries. Hence, you negotiate centrally, we deliver locally;
  • offers a solution whereby you can receive financing up to 90% of your outstanding invoices. It further offers buyer risk coverage and offers international credit management services;
  • provides common reporting and an internet based online tool which facilitates easy management of your different local accounts;
  • provides you with the comfort of one single point of contact, as a global relationship manager will be appointed to streamline communications and to take care of the centralised follow-up.

We have an international factoring network with more than 400 members across 90 countries. 

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